My Story

After a brief trip around America, I knew there was a place for creative, delicious Vegan cakes in Hereford, let alone the UK. I started by baking for just friends and family. When they started asking for more, I knew there was something more in this.

I started from my mum’s kitchen and self-taught myself how to make cakes without animal products, whilst also being an expression of my creativity. A few cakes later, I started popping up at a few vegan fairs and taking on the odd wedding cake commission. Things were getting busy and my mum wanted her kitchen back (thanks mum!)

I took on a space in Hereford town centre where I could truly represent my personality in bricks and mortar. I always want to show to people every cake I bake is filled with my personality, having a dedicated space is, well, the icing on the cake.

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I’m moving forward and always looking with a wider vision. I want to keep making cakes that spark joy and excitement for any occasion, but I want to show people that vegan cakes are just as tasty as any cake out there.

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